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Filter photographer – take photos with optical filters - Bundle Edition

Filter photographer – take photos with optical filters - Bundle Edition

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  • Exclusive paperback with stickers and 3x XXL filter cloths
  • Removable exposure table for ND filters
  • 164 pages
  • Language: German
  • Dimensions 14.80 x 21.00 cm (soft cover)
  • ISBN 978-3-00-068438-8

  • From the content:

    • Filter systems
    • Screw filter or rectangular filter
    • Screw filters in practice
    • UV filters
    • CPL (POL) filter – reduce reflections
    • ND – gray filter
    • Long exposure with ND filter
    • Conversion factors for long exposures
    • variable ND filters
    • GND graduated filter with practical part
    • GND soft, hard or reverse with practical part
    • Astro filters
    • Color filters

  • Extra exposure table for on the go.

    No more annoying mental arithmetic. With the help of the practical exposure table for ND filters, you can easily read the correct exposure from the exposure card.

    In addition, the sturdy, separate A5 card contains a conversion table for ND filters and can therefore find its place as a constant companion in your camera backpack.

    Practical part

    In the practical part, I will use examples to show you what effect the different filters have on the final image result. Both CPL (POL) filters and of course ND filters, GND filters and of course combinations of these filters are used.

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