Urheberrecht in der Fotografie - wenn deine Fotos im Netz gestohlen wurden - Rechte als Fotograf

Copyright in photography - if your photos have been stolen online - rights as a photographer

In this video we will go into more detail about the photographer's copyright, what rights you have as a photographer and what claims you have as the author in the event of a copyright infringement.

Here the most important things are summarized again.

  1. Moral rights: As the author, you have the right to publish, distribute and exploit the work. Naming someone’s name is also part of their personal rights.
  2. Copyright: You also have the right to decide whether to use the image commercially. This means that you can decide whether and under what conditions the image can be used.
  3. Protection against changes and manipulation: As the author, you also have the right to prohibit changes or manipulations to the work that would impair or distort the work.
  4. Exploitation rights: The exploitation rights include the reproduction, distribution and making the work publicly accessible. These rights can be transferred by the author to third parties.

You can download two sample letters here.

Finally, I would like to point out that this is not legal advice or, in case of doubt, it does not replace it.

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