Fotowalk Pilsumer Leuchtturm - Deutschlands schönster Leuchtturm? Fotografieren an der Nordsee

Photo walk Pilsumer lighthouse - Germany's most beautiful lighthouse? Taking photos on the North Sea

In this photo walk you can accompany me to the Pilsum lighthouse, one of the most famous and perhaps most beautiful lighthouses in northern Germany.

The Pilsum Lighthouse is a historic lighthouse on the German North Sea coast in East Frisia. It was built in 1887 and has been a landmark in the region ever since. At 11 meters high, it is comparatively small, but still an impressive sight. The lighthouse stands on a warf, a raised hill platform, and is still in operation today. Its light signal has a range of around 10 nautical miles (around 18 kilometers). The Pilsum lighthouse has been open to visitors since 1979 and offers a wonderful view over the North Sea coast. The view of the surrounding Warfen villages, whose houses fit picturesquely into the landscape, is particularly impressive. The Wadden Sea and its inhabitants can also be easily observed from here. However, if you want to climb the lighthouse, you have to be fit enough: over 100 steps lead up to the viewing platform. But the climb is definitely worth it! Whether in sunshine or stormy weather - the Pilsum lighthouse offers an unforgettable sight in every season and is definitely one of the highlights of every East Frisian holiday. From the viewing platform you can not only marvel at the North Sea and the Wadden Sea, but also enjoy the view inland. When the weather is clear, the visibility even extends as far as the East Frisian Islands. But the Pilsum lighthouse is not only a popular excursion destination for tourists - it also has an important function as a navigation mark for ships on their way to Emden or the north.

If you want to find out more about the history of the lighthouse, you should definitely visit the attached museum. Here you can find out everything about its creation in the 19th century and its use during both world wars.

But it's not just during the day that you can visit the Pilsum lighthouse: Even at night, it shines far out to sea with its characteristic red light signal, ensuring that ships can safely stay on their course.

Overall, the Pilsum lighthouse is definitely worth a visit - be it as a tourist highlight or simply as an impressive structure with historical significance.

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